Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Traditions (weird and wonderful)

Holidays are often imbued with tradition -- personal traditions, family traditions, cultural traditions.  My Christmas traditions involve family gathering to enjoy good food and opening gifts in front of the tree, as well as, of course, copious cookie baking.  But I'm always intrigued by other cultural traditions.  Here are a couple of interesting Christmas traditions I discovered in recent years.

Íslendingabók, the Book of Icelanders

  • When we traveled to Barcelona, I learned that Catalan nativity scenes include a Caganer ("the crapper"), a figurine of a peasant engaged in the act of defecating. 
  • I'm still totally in love with the Polish szopka -- beautiful and colorful Christmas cribs made of foil-covered cardboard.  I have a tiny smidgen of regret that I didn't buy one while we were visiting Krakow last year.  

However you celebrate winter holidays, I hope you have enjoyable and interesting traditions.

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