Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I liked this categorization of gadgetry in Marc Fisher's Washington Post blog. For example:
Category #2: The Interesting Idea That Bombs This year's entry in this category is Story Blankets. Speaking of absentee parenting, get this idea: Instead of lying down with the little one and falling asleep in their bed, thereby wiping out that tiny window of adult time at the end of the long day, you could tuck a kiddie in under a blanket that also sings a lullaby and tells a story. No, really: This is a big fluffy duvet cover and comforter that has a big brick of a battery in it powering a three-minute-long sound and light show featuring 133 tiny LEDs and a tinkling tune that you activate by pressing a button in the blanket.

Instant intimacy? No, horrifying nightmare. The kids we tested this on were uniformly appalled or freaked. They called the thing creepy, sick and worse. "If the parent wants to abandon the child, fine, but don't stick them in a room with this thing," my son said.


Wednesday, December 6, 2006

A single sheet of paper

Very cool use of sheets of paper -- incredibly precise and strangely compelling.

Today's funniest typos

I'm grading papers on sexuality education, and students make all kinds of spelling and typographical errors, some of which end up being kind of funny (emphasis added):

"Likewise my children will be in an environment that promotes abstinence, as well as other important life lesions."

"When I see that she starting [sic] to grow boobs I will buy her a brawl . . ."

Tuesday, December 5, 2006


I have discovered the danger of rugelach. Why did no one tell me? It's ok, though . . . they're all gone now.

Let us never speak of this again.