Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sewing habit and weird dreams

I swear, when I look at a tiny box of thread or beads and think about how much it costs, I wonder whether a drug habit wouldn't be cheaper. . . and these threads were on sale!

Last night I dreamed that a large group of students rang our doorbell at 1:00am to perform a show (I think it was supposed to be Shakespeare, or maybe Star Wars). I had just woken up and wanted them to leave, but they ended up doing the show in our living room. The show consisted of overlapping variety acts and random dialogue, with some of the performers arriving in the middle of the show and talking as they did so. I had trouble focusing on the performances, as there was so much competing for my attention. It was pretty bad, as theater goes. Then the performers all raided our kitchen for anything they could find to eat (mostly cupcakes and cookies, which we actually don't have at the moment). I also noticed an invasion of ants in our dining room while the performers ate. The rest of the dream was only loosely related, but this part was quite vivid.

I have no idea what it means.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Highlights of 2008

So what did I do in 2008? In no particular order (and I'm sure I'm forgetting things):
  • In addition to my regular teaching schedule at Montgomery College, I taught a section of General Psychology at Georgetown (Spring & Fall semesters) and in the Winter 2008 session at Montgomery College (with a wicked flu the entire time -- blech!)
  • Continued to refine my teaching and try out new assignments and classroom activities
  • Became a faculty contact for the Writing in the Disciplines program at MC
  • Organized a conference panel about writing at AFACCT, and gave two presentations about writing at MC
  • Coached the Vagina Monologues at MC (was this my fourth time?!?)
  • Continued to organize the Psychology Brown Bag series at MC, and gave two talks as part of the series: Lusting in Your Heart: What do your feelings say about you? and Viagra: The Solution, or Part of the Problem?
  • Wrote an Ask the Sexpert column for the student paper on whether homosexuality is natural
  • Had a panel presentation accepted to the Mid-Atlantic Women's Studies Association conference
  • Continued to be the faculty advisor for the People's Alliance club, which met fairly regularly and put together a display for the Health Fair at MC -- they did a great job
  • Organized the annual silent auction to raise funds for the Women's Studies Student Scholarship Fund at MC -- put up advance pictures online for the first time
  • Went to Boston to visit a friend who showed us around the city and was a wonderful hostess
  • Got to see my father sing the Major General song on stage at George Mason University (with full orchestra and chorus backup, including a verse he wrote himself about academia)
  • Went to my father's talk at GMU about writing over 100 books (wow!)
  • Became a regular at the local farmer's market (during the growing season)
  • Gardened extensively: Put in my vegetable garden and various annuals, did my regular maintenance, and began putting in new paths in the garden (well, Q did most of it, really, but I helped)
  • Watched the bunnies and birds in our yard -- ooh, and I saw deer, and a fox, and a woodpecker while at my father's house
  • Cooked and baked with the wonderful summer produce and helped Q make our usual summer pesto; discovered some new recipes, including delicious blueberry muffins and and raspberry coffeecake
  • Made pizza from scratch for the first time -- and it was yummy!
  • Finished painting the basement, including the finishing touches on the peach pit (the stairs) and the bathroom (with its violently orange faux finish and a lovely sump pump cover that Q built)
  • Started painting the bedroom (still in process, but it looks fabulous so far)
  • Researched and purchased a new washer and dryer and a new refrigerator (more energy efficient -- yay!)
  • Went to Quebec for a wonderful vacation, which included climbing a mountain (with only moderate whining and gasping), seeing whales, eating sugar pie, and going to some cool museums, including a terrific exhibit of Inuit art and an exploration of the historical layers of Montreal buildings
  • Continued my dance education with regular classes with Yasmin, Turkish workshops with Artemis, workshops with Leila from Egypt, and going to Folktours Dance camp and the Herdeljezi Festival
  • Put on three Starlight Shimmy shows at the New Deal Cafe
  • Created some new dance performances, including some new comic fusion pieces, but also stretched myself to create more emotional depth and explore some new aspects of dance
  • Continued to dance at local gigs, including restaurants and private parties, and did some substitute-teaching that has led to an ongoing teaching opportunity
  • Went to a number of dance shows (too many to keep track of!)
  • Went to Wisconsin to visit my grandparents, and put on a dance performance for their community
  • Sewed: Finished a jacket, finished beading a costume belt, and made progress on a couple of other projects
  • Saw Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead with stellar performance by
  • Saw Kooza, my first experience with Cirque de Soleil -- amazing!
  • Saw a performance of the Song/Dance Ensemble of West Africa
  • Saw a local performance of the Pirates of Penzance that included a very effective use of trampolines
  • Went to a couple of Batala performances, and they were fabulous
  • Did a lot of walking and increased my use of public transportation to get to work
  • Read a lot of books (and articles), including both fiction and non-fiction
  • Saw some good movies (and some not so good movies, too); I was also a discussant for two film presentations at MC (Secretary and Chak De! India)
  • Began a Facebook account
  • Had semi-weekly brunches with my father
  • Got to see my brother and his family a number of times -- my nephew and niece are great kids
  • Spent lots of time with my sweetie and with good friends -- many thanks to all of you for being such good friends
It was a busy year!