Thursday, January 25, 2007

Art link for the week

I like these pointy sculptures. Very cool stuff.

Why am I tired today?

Why am I tired today? Hmmm . . . let's review yesterday.

Alarm goes off at 5:30am
After some snooze-buttoning, I get up at 6:00am (after less than 6 hours of sleep)
I leave at 7:00am, walk to the Metro (15 minutes)
Take the Metro to Dupont Circle Walk from Dupont Circle to Georgetown University (30 minutes)
Teach my General Psychology class at GU Walk from Georgetown to Dupont Circle (30 minutes)
Take the Metro to Rockville Walk from the Metro to Montgomery College (30 minutes)
Do various teaching-related tasks while eating lunch (yay for lunch, I'm starving by now)
Teach my Psychology of Women class at MC (great discussion of gender stereotypes)
Walk from MC to the Metro (30 minutes)
Take the Metro to Medical Center Walk from the Metro to my house (15 minutes)
Hug Q and chat with him a bit
Eat dinner
Prepare for the restaurant gig
Drive to restaurant, stretch and finish getting ready to perform.
They make me wait an extra 15 minutes before I perform. Ordinarily not a problem, but by now I am painfully tired.
Dance for 27 minutes (decent show, but not my best)
Drive home
Change clothes and scrape the makeup off my face
Stare at computer for an hour
Q comes home from meeting, we watch some TV (yay for classic Trek), and collapse into bed.

I think I walked 8-10 miles yesterday, which will be typical for every Monday and Wednesday this semester, because I have no patience to wait for the bus. I also find that buses are more erratic with regard to time of arrival, so I can't plan my day as effectively, while my walking times are quite consistent, making me confident of my ETA. Plus, I'm getting good exercise.

But I'm tired today. I hope this gets easier.