Monday, June 30, 2008

Muffins and vampires

I have been on a muffin-baking kick recently -- I like muffins, and they are easy to make. They also freeze well, so I can keep them indefinitely (a quick microwave and they taste fresh from the oven). I've gotten most of the recipes from Google searching, and they have turned out well so far. I have made a couple of batches of strawberry muffins (very yummy way to use the strawberries from my garden, supplemented by some from the farmer's market), and tonight I made lemon-raspberry (used up some frozen raspberries) and lemon-blueberry (same recipe, just different fruit). Next up is maple muffins (in honor of our Canadian vacation) and orange muffins. Whee!

Today's puzzle: If a vampire sneezes, what comes out? Some of the vampire stories have vampires cry bloody tears and sweat blood, indicating that all of their bodily fluids become blood or some dilution thereof. But are vampires just a different physical being, a transformation of human species to vampire species, or are they magically re-animated walking corpses (or even demon-ridden as claimed in Buffy and Angel)? Do they actually digest and excrete, or are such physical considerations irrelevant?

What do you think?

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