Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sewing habit and weird dreams

I swear, when I look at a tiny box of thread or beads and think about how much it costs, I wonder whether a drug habit wouldn't be cheaper. . . and these threads were on sale!

Last night I dreamed that a large group of students rang our doorbell at 1:00am to perform a show (I think it was supposed to be Shakespeare, or maybe Star Wars). I had just woken up and wanted them to leave, but they ended up doing the show in our living room. The show consisted of overlapping variety acts and random dialogue, with some of the performers arriving in the middle of the show and talking as they did so. I had trouble focusing on the performances, as there was so much competing for my attention. It was pretty bad, as theater goes. Then the performers all raided our kitchen for anything they could find to eat (mostly cupcakes and cookies, which we actually don't have at the moment). I also noticed an invasion of ants in our dining room while the performers ate. The rest of the dream was only loosely related, but this part was quite vivid.

I have no idea what it means.

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