Monday, August 21, 2006

Paint whimsies

I'm painting various rooms in the house. . .

I just finished painting one of the bathrooms with the colored primer for a paint named "Startling Orange." This is an understatement. This room glows -- and it's in the basement! The paint should be called "Screaming Orange" or "Day-Glo Orange" or "Radioactive Orange" or "For God's Sake, Don't Look Directly At It Orange." It makes the art studio, with it's bright yellow walls, look understated. Of course, that said, I really like this color. But in deference to Q and any guests with adult, sophisticated color tastes, I will be covering it with a somewhat less intense glaze color, named "Citrus Blast." We'll see what it looks like after that.

The kitchen gives us no end of trouble in choosing colors, since any paint color has to coordinate with a beige cabinet finish that we don't like much, pinky-beige floor tiles, and black speckled countertops. So far, we've gone through five different paint colors. The winner seems to be "Soft Pumpkin."

The basement stairway now has beautiful two-toned peach walls/ceiling, an additional light fixture, elegantly finished stairs, and looks infinitely better than it used to. We've named it the "Peach Pit." I can't wait to put up some tiles and pictures to finish the effect.

I love color!

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